Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Now This is a FLASHLIGHT

A long time ago, I got myself onto a mailing list from something called ThinkGeek. I'm not sure I've ever actually bought anything from them, but I've spent many an otherwise useful hour browsing around their website. If you haven't encountered them before, let me just say that most of their products are either computer geeky, or science fictiony, or just plain weird. Some, like this Star Trek lamp with a revolving shade, are all of them together.

Anyway, one of the things I just wondered across there was a industrial strength flashlight. This flashlight is rechargeable, but outputs so much light the run time is only about fifteen minutes. This flashlight uses a 100 watt halogen bulb as a light source, and it gets so hot you can cook an egg on the lens.

Don't believe me? Watch this.

Now this is a flashlight.

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